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Imaging Particle Analysis White Paper

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Features Dr. John Carpenter discussing the importance of characterizing particles in protein therapeutics!

FlowCAM in Action

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With the automated instrumentation, a single technician can do in minutes what used to take days with a microscope. And we can be more confident in the data when taking action."

- Betsy Reilley, Ph.D., Senior Program Manager, Water Quality Assurance, Massachusetts Water Resource Authority

About Us

We manufacture the FlowCAM imaging particle analyzer, the first automated particle analysis instrument to use digital imaging for measuring size and shape of microscopic particles in a fluid medium. With applications in oceanographic research, municipal water, biopharmaceutical formulations, chemicals, oil and gas, biofuels and many other markets, we continue to lead the way in imaging particle analysis.  Learn More

Customer Profiles:
Colby Ludwig Maximillians Universitat Monchen University of South Florida The University of Georgia UCD Dublin Research Louisiana State University